My Little JayBird…

Josh is my beloved first born son….well…….my only son.  He surprised me last week with a belated Mother’s Day present, made by his own precious hands. It was a true gift from the heart, making the choice to make me a card rather than taking the simple route of buying an off-the-shelf, same-as-everyone-else card.  It was just too sweet not to share it here….

Mother's Day card from my baby boy
Mother’s Day card from my baby boy

Ahh, my little JayBird.  I just had to smile….Do you suppose it has anything to do with the fact that those little handprints match size 14 shoes, and belong to a young man that will be 24 in July???

I have always loved Josh’s sense of humor. He’s had wonderful comedic timing since he was a very small child…..and had a sense of what was funny….and a mischievous  side.  I think the first time I became keenly aware of it was when he was about two and we were talking across the fence to our neighbors….and he very quietly brought a sprinkler and set it up behind us.  Our neighbors had such a funny look on their faces that we turned to see what Josh was up to….just in time to see him turn the faucet on! We should have known then that life with this boy was going to be interesting!

And it has been!  This is my child that read voraciously from the time he was very young……and still  remembers everything he ever read.  And even as a young child, he could converse intelligently about those things he had read about,  and when challenged could tell us his source–often down to the month and year of Reader’s Digest he read it from. 

Sometimes it was really impressive, especially to  adults.  (Although I’m not sure if impressed would be the word I would use when Josh added 12 more methods of birth control to the ones the other students listed in Sex Ed class…6 of which *I* had never heard of!!!) I think one of my favorite stories happened one year at a Knowledge Bowl match.  Josh was the captain, and his role was to answer those obscure questions…not so much math or English, but the stuff on Jeopardy that no normal person would know the answer to. That was where he excelled! At the end of the match this teenage girl walked up to me with a strange look on her face and asked me, “What do you do, plug him in at night???”  🙂 

It was always fun when  the reader would be asking the question and they wouldn’t even get to the actual QUESTION part of the question when Josh would jump in and come up with the right answer!  I was always glad when the other kids would  ask the reader to finish reading the question  so we would all know “the rest of the story”!  He had this incredible gift of anticipation… and he also has this ability to take the information given and make educated guesses about things he knew nothing about.  It was amazing. 

Good thing he takes after his father!  Me?  I can read it/learn it and lose it just as quickly…unless it’s something that interests me.  Brian’s told me at least 50 times how many dimples are on a golf ball.  Guess what?  I can’t tell you how many–I have no idea!  I mean, who really cares??? I have more important things to remember!  Like how to draw this kind of feather, or how to piece this kind of quilt block, or which plants the deer MIGHT not eat…. you know, things that MATTER!

Josh and I have always had a very special relationship.  Boy, do we know how to push each others’ buttons.  But I would do anything, ANYTHING for him.  We’ve been through some tough stuff together with his migraines.  Lot’s of nights in the ER, or in hospital rooms. I wish I could have gone through all of those things for him…

I’m incredibly proud of Josh.  First of all, he’s a really neat kid! Ummm, young man. 🙂  He has ADD, so there have been some interesting challenges along the way–and dang if I didn’t learn that he got it from ME. Oy. In some ways it has been a good thing for him–it’s certainly given him the opportunity to try a number of career choices! LOL (Yes Josh, I am SO glad you are still working at ZLB!!!!)

He really is a brilliant young man, but more than that, he is loving and kind and gentle and caring.  He adores his wife, who adores him back. Sarah has been a wonderful helpmate for him, and we are so blessed to have her in our family.

They have provided us with our first Grand….puppies.  First came Tipsy, a Burnese Mountain Dog, and more recently, Maverick, a little beagle.  They are so cute, and love to come to Grammy and Poppy’s to play out in the country!

Josh and Sarah are in the process of  moving to a small house from their apartment, so the 4 of them will have a wonderful new home with room to stretch out. I’m so happy for them, their current neighborhood isn’t safe at all!

Sarah works as a receptionist in a medical clinic, and Josh works in a Plasma Center.  Josh’s real passion right now  is not the paramedic thing it used to be, but culinary arts. He would like to go to Culinary Arts School in the future when the economy changes some.  He’s an incredible cook, with creative ideas…I think he’d be wonderful.  He has ALWAYS had a passion for cooking… I’ll never forget the Mother’s Day that he brought me breakfast in bed when he was about 8 years old…Eggs Bennedict. Yup. Right out of the Boxcar Children’s Cookbook.  Yum. um. Chk. ahem. mm. cough. chk.  Ok, I don’t do breakfast, and if I do it’s HOURS after I wake up.  And here was this wonderful little meal my beloved baby boy made me with this poached egg (which I do like) with this…this….this…well?  I’m really not sure what that hollandaise was made out of!  Can you imagine a little boy loving his mom this much??  I’m very blessed. 😉 

So, to this little boy that made the Eggs Bennedict, and the young man that made me the wonderful, construction paper Mother’s Day card, I say “Thank You!”  You brighten my life.

And one more thing…Your mommy loves you, JayBird.


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I'm a professional longarm quilter and designer/digitizer for designs for computerized quilting systems. We are dealers for IntelliQuilter, and I teach longarm and AutoSketch classes in my studio in Washington State. I'm married to a wonderful man and have two great kids, married to incredible spouses--what more could a person want!

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  1. Oh, Shannon. So, one day things might get better? Sigh…. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story with me. Asia doesn’t have ADD (I don’t think), but does have Authority Defiance Disorder, borderling personality disorder type something (there are, like, a million types!), and anger management problems. Not a real great combination. She is staying at her friend’s house, this is night number 5, and seems to be quite happy. We know that has to end, but I don’t think her little 16 year old brain has figured that out yet.

    This parenting gig truly sucks. lol

  2. Hi Shannon, I found your post from your signature on MQresouce. Josh sounds like a wonderful young man. You have good reason to be proud of him. Keep enjoying him!

    • Lisa, thank you for stopping by! He really is a great young man…It has been a joy (mostly!) to be his mother. I am enjoying watching him become his own man, and I look forward to what lays ahead.

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