Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day y’all! God gave us an incredible spring day here in the valley. It’s 9:00 am and already pushing 60°.

My sweet husband was out shopping early this morning and brought home two beautiful hanging baskets of flowers to add color to the front porch area.  I have ALWAYS wanted hanging baskets, but I’ve never been able to justify the price…but gifts are different, right? 🙂  I can’t wait to get them hung.  Now I just need one of those long nosed watering cans–sounds like a shopping trip to me!

He also bought me a pair of red Crocs. You know, those incredibly ugly, holey garden shoes that have made their way onto the feet of quilters everywhere. If you haven’t read the banterings between Kimmy and Carol, you’ve really missed out!  Carol loves ’em, Kimmy thinks they are hideous.  I’ve always sided with Kimmy on this one!

It’s not that I’m not willing to sacrifice style for comfort.  I started wearing Birkenstocks before they were cool because I had foot pain, and far less of it when I wore Birks.  And a little color is okay–my first Birks actually had a paisley print on them! (It was subdued, though.) Those were the days when you could pretty much tell who was “growin’ their own” in the Methow Valley by whether or not they were wearing their Birkenstocks and  khakis. And I’ve always loved khakis…

But crocks…they are so….so….well, really, really UGLY!  And they aren’t subtly ugly, they are always bright-colored-in-your-face-ugly! And as I mentioned, these aren’t a nice, mellow, blend-with-the-dirt beige, they are RED.

I admit I have tried crocs on in the past because so many people have raved about how comfortable they are. I’ve tried, really, I’ve tried. Maybe it’s because I have really narrow feet, but I feel like I’m walking around in those big red shoes the clowns wear. And I can only imagine how nasty it must feel when your feet sweat and you are slipping and sliding in there. MMM, yummy.

I adore my husband, who was so very thoughtful to buy these for me. (Has he EVER seen me wear RED in the 26 years we’ve been together?? I think not!) So I smiled brightly as I gave him the warmest hug I’m capable of pre-coffee, pre-toothbrushing, and thanked him for the wonderful Mother’s Day gifts, especially raving over the gorgeous hanging baskets. With a glint in his eye, he mentions the crocs…..and laughs….and tells me that the only ones they had in my size were red. 🙂  Whew, it was a joke!  But you know, they just might come in handy running out to  do something in the morning when there is still a bit of dew on the grass (when we have some)…..yea, right. Like I’m ever up THAT early! 😉

So I am prepared to have a beautiful day today. It started off with a smile. I will call my Mom soon and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, and thank her for being my mom. Over the last 10 years or so she has become my best friend, and I feel pretty lucky to have that relationship with her.  It came about to a great degree because of quilting. But that’s another story for another day.

I hope I will hear from Josh and Emily today….they are usually good about calling me.  Josh and Sarah usually spend the day with her family in Spokane as they do most Sundays, and Emily and Luke are down in Redding, CA where they attended the wedding of college friends yesterday. They may be a little distracted and forget, but I’m one of those lucky moms that hears from my kids enough to know that they truly love me, every day, not just today. 🙂

So have a great day today, whether you are a Mother, a Daughter, or a Son.  And don’t forget to call Mom….


About shannonhicks

I'm a professional longarm quilter and designer/digitizer for designs for computerized quilting systems. We are dealers for IntelliQuilter, and I teach longarm and AutoSketch classes in my studio in Washington State. I'm married to a wonderful man and have two great kids, married to incredible spouses--what more could a person want!

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  1. Shannon, you can do what I do, which is wear them in the studio, but not anywhere else. LOL! I agree, they are ugly, but comfy!

  2. Ohh la la! I didn’t know you were a blogger!!! Cool one though! I’m going to book mark it so I can keep up with your life!
    I am glad you had a good Mother’s Day. Mine was Awesome!! the best one yet, the kids worked hard to set up a barbeque and they got me a new rose bush, a real pretty one. Which was nice since they ran my last one over with the 4 wheeler a few weeks ago! Very very good day today!!! So thankful for all of them and I no longer want to sell them to the circus…for now anyway!!!! HA!!! just kidding!!!!!

    • I didn’t know I was a blogger either until a couple of days ago! 🙂 It’s pretty fun! Now that I know my way around a little bit, it’s pretty fast–which is good. It’s not like I really have time for another project right now! I have a couple that I’ve put on the back burner which really need to be moved to the front, but since I’ve been sick with this crud I haven’t had the energy to do anything but sit at the computer or watch TV, and my brain has been foggy, so this has been the perfect project.

      So glad you had such an awesome Mother’s Day! You really are a great mother and deserve it. We ALL feel like selling our kids to the circus now and then when they are little…once they are off and married those urges mostly go away!

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